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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is TITAN Media?
A: TITAN Media is a multimedia production company producing all-male erotica of the highest caliber. It is our task and our pleasure to make gay erotica beautiful, affirming and inspiring. We are committed to AIDS education and prevention, and incorporate safer sex in our videos, in the hope that it will become an integral part of our lives. Year round TITAN donates products and services to AIDS charities. We believe in staying involved in our community.
Q: Does TITAN Media produce lesbian or straight erotica?
A: At TITAN Media, we concentrate on what we do best: We create the ultimate in all-male erotica.
Q: What is TITAN Media's privacy policy?
A: TITAN Media is committed to personal privacy. We do not sell, loan or share member information or email addresses with any third party for any reason whatsoever. Some of our sites use cookies to facilitate user options, but no personal information is collected or tracked unless needed in order to fulfill a customer request. More on our privacy policy.
Q: What is TITAN Media's email policy?
A: TITAN Media never sends unsolicited email. All our mailing lists are opt-in. Additionally, TITAN Media never sells, loans or shares emails with any third party. Subscribe to our mailing list.
Q: Does TITAN Media license images?
A: Titan has in the past authorized the use of selected images for fundraisers, for legitimate reviewers and for the use of our affiliates. TITAN Media never licenses our hardcore images for use by other websites. If you suspect a website of using our images without authorization, please report it. In return you will get your choice of a free DVD or a month's membership.
Q: What is TITAN Media's stand on intellectual property rights?
A: TITAN Media aggressively defends our copyright. More on our position on IPR.
Q: Does TITAN Media provide support for fundraisers?
A: As part of our commitment to the community, we are always ready to help when we can. We consistently make contributions of TITAN products to charitable organizations with 501(C)3 tax status. Contact us for more information.
Q: I was looking for the membership site. Where is that?
A: Please go to TITANMen.Com
Q: Where can I buy TITAN products?
A: All our products are available at TITANMenStore.Com
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